Thursday, May 28, 2015

DIY floral dress: Sweet Summer's Goodbye

                                                    And now, the end is near.... Yes! The rainy season is about to come but before that happens I just wanna say good bye to my favorite season of the year. Summer, I will miss you, your warmth and of course the blue skies.  Summer of 2015 will leave me with a sweet memory because I was able to do what I love doing full time.

                                                   Another boring dress was altered into a sweet classic dress. The prints were filled with colorful flowers and I had to brainstorm on what to do with it. I don't like it to be the ordinary floral sleeveless dress because I have done so many in the past few summer season. It needs to be wearable in casual days but still classy so I decided to redesign the sleeve  and the back area of the dress. The hemline was redesigned to have a shorter length at the sides and a little longer in the middle and back but still above the knee area (favorite).

The making of the floral dress of 2015 :)
              The photos below would give you a closer look of the improvements made to the dress.

Front view of the dress - This quite long compared to other dresses that I made for summer. 

 At least this can be an office acceptable attire just match it with a plain blazer

Side view - The hemlines are shorter at the side. There's  glance of the ribbon cut out at the back.
If you can try to visualize the sleeve It was adorned with a ribbon (folded and sewed) so that there is added comfort-ability during warm days,If you feel like strolling after work or in the afternoon :)

Emphasizing the ribbon cut-out at the back part of the dress. It gives a touch of sweetness in the dress. Ohhh the teen girl part of me :)))
                                                  I might forget that I am already 27 and it is a necessity to control myself when it comes to "TOO GIRLY DRESSES" but maybe the sweet 16 - 18 part of me will never fade away. I will have to face this world with a woman's state of mind but the juvenile part inside my heart will never be erased. Maybe because I still have dreams to pursue. As I am starting to miss summer in the coming days, I am welcoming the next season with open arms and soon I will be a year older again hahaha!

                                                 Doing what I love is my ultimate dream. This post intends to inspire and to show creativity and not just plain vanity. I give more importance in what I can create than what I really look like but I hope the fulfillment radiates from within. Always remember, Think Big Think Beautiful.

Bag - Charles and Keith
Shoes - Guess
Necklace - Designed by yours truly :)

Next Post is all about my Summer Project Collection of Jewelry Designs this 2015 :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

DIY 2nd Summer Dress Project: Chic Nautical Sophistication

                                               This dress project is a little different for this season because I made 3 different kinds of dresses.  a little plain and chic for the 1st two projects. I have an addiction for florals , loud, vibrant colors and prints but change is good right? so the1st is the LBD with a geometric cut at the hemline. 2nd is a very nautical dress that I redesigned according to my taste. Stripes has been a very attractive linen print for years and it is quite difficult to make it work for plus girls because it might flaunt curves in the wrong way   ( depending on the body shape) . This is quite challenging but I was happy with the outcome.

                                                   Ribbons are really girly and sweet. I incorporated ribbons in redesigning an old dress since i don't make patterns yet. So I decorated it on the micro mini skirt part of the dress. I didn't remove the triangular facing of the dress since it is unique. It used to be a 3/4 sleeved midi A line dress. I am not really a fan of midi dresses so I decided to use every cloth in redesigning.

I just played with cloth folding and never expected that I would enjoying constructing ribbons around the skirt. 
                                                Here is the output. I just designed it in such a way that it would suit my body type (hopefully) . I paired it with Dior Pumps, Zara hand bag and GS Sunnies.

Sorry, is the skirt too short? I resourcefully used every inch of cloth that I have.

 So what do you think?

                                                 Tell me your comments about this dress project.  Don't worry I'll take it constructively. Anyway, this is just an experiment like what I did to other dress projects. I know that there's a lot more that I have to know in dress making. The projects are purely made out of love and fun!

                                                  The 3rd dress project will be posted soon. Thank you for taking your time to visit y page. Always remember, Think Big Think Beautiful!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My DIY Little Black Dress and My Mermaid's Pearls that were restored through time.


                                                This jewelry set has its own story to be told. I can say that I have learned a lot from it and realized how much my creations matter to me. All I can say is that when I first finished the entire piece is that it was made out of LOVE. Every second that I was constructing it made me feel excited to see it finally polished but what would you feel if you trusted someone to borrow it but irresponsibly stored somewhere and destroyed it accidentally because of carelessness?

                                                The sad part is that it took me 8 months before I am able to design jewelries again. Maybe it's just a matter of timing to stand up again after all that I heard and went through. Surviving in the fashion Industry is really challenging especially for a novice and plus size woman like me. Anyway, this experience made me realize a lot of things about myself and about trusting other people. 

                                              THE POSITIVE PART

                                              The Mermaid's Pearls were made out of  a happy inspiration. I felt excited about what's going on in my life and for the future. Each day of constructing the jewelry set made me feel better about myself and of course, I cannot wait for the day that I can use it. It gave me blisters, scars because of the wires, chains and pearls but I didn't care at all because I know it would really be rewarding.

                                             Now that I am okay, It's about time that I show you my pearls that should have been showcased last year. It's not yet too late to show my creations right? Whatever they said is not important but the restoration of my pearls.

                                            I coordinated with the stylist and my Mermaid's Pearls were used in their shoot collaboration and I am very thankful that Ms. Janikka Tabada was chosen to wear the jewelries. The outcome was fantastic.

I didn't have any contribution on the concept of the shoot ESPECIALLY how the model was made up. 
The Pearls are NOT owned by the STYLIST.
The Photos are NOT mine, please check the credits below the photos.


Women of all shapes and sizes can make a beautiful jewelry work. The photos below are MINE. I envisioned using my pearls with a Little black dress that I altered and redesigned which is a part of my Summer 2015 Dress Projects. I paired with my fave hand me down Blazer from my Grandma (Rest in Peace Nay! Love you!!!). I combined it with different accessories ; Vintage Bag - Zara , White Pumps- Dior,  Rose Gold Watch - Guess ,   White Sunnies bought from California. Search for Miss Georgina Sasha Estrera.

 Check out the uniqueness of the LBD, it has a geometric cut in the hemline area.

Here's a closer look of The Pearls. Does it look easy to construct considering that it is hand made? :)  

                                So.... what do you think? Did I make it work? Feel free to comment and suggest.

                                              Yes, life gives you lemons but for sure, it will make you a better person. I do agree that each design has it's own weakness but since it will be used for an hour or less I am expecting them to handle it with care. That is the best pay or recognition that they should have given to me but aside from that is RESPECT. Next time, I will be more careful in trusting or dealing with people whom I will entrust my jewelries with. Again my creations are important to me. I'm fighting for my passion ever since, it is a big part of my life,a gift from God, my reason of living and advocacy. We should not forget that the Fashion industry is open for starters and we should help them build themselves up not put them down. Being well educated is important not in especially when it comes to character. Whatever I have done wrong, I do apologize for that but then again. Stop using my body size against me or even to other people or even labeling me under a name of an animal. We should live a happy life and I am Happy that I am now back in track. With all the blessings that God gave me, I am thankful and still gifted with a lot of  blessings.. yes! GIFTED!!!! Aside from lemons, Life gave me PEARLS.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

DIY Update: Butterfly Printed Skater Skirt and Teal Summer Cape-mono

                                                 Here comes Summer! My favorite season of the year and I am more than excited to share my designing adventures with you. I came up with individual pieces starting off with my butterfly printed skirt. I actually saw the butterfly prints on the off white cotton cloth and I decided to make it a simple skater skirt that I could pair with my favorite colorful top, or florals. Pairing it with plains and prints gives me a very relaxed and carefree look.  Just in case I would like to look sweet and girly, this piece is just perfect for a sunny day walk at the park or strolling in the mall.

                                                 Capes were designed for winter collections (yes, I know!!!). I just had a crazy idea of combining the idea of cape and kimono this summer season.This Cape-mono is very light weight, perfect for dresses or skinny jeans if you want to look a bit ragged.

                                                 The photos below would show how I would sport it with my butterfly skater skirt and a colorful floral top.

                                                  Thank you for taking your time to check on my DIY summer project Part 1. I will be posting the other dress projects real soon. Always remember, Think Big Think Beautiful.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Late Post : Holiday celebration of 2014

                                               It's way past Holiday season but I hope everyone enjoyed their celebration. My sister and I decided to take holiday photos and use it to greet family and friends. I reinvented the Sailor dress that I used in the photos.

                               DIY Sailor's dress made personally by me , Zara shoes and Guess  Color
                                                                         blocked   Bag.

                                             December is one of the coldest months here in Baguio City that's           why I  decided to match my sailor dress with the red cape.  I fell in love the moment I saw it.  It seems that the red cape  is made for Christmas especially that the material is wool. I bought it online since it's Black Friday Sale. Very warm and comfortable and I guess it could challenge the cold weather.  :)

         Dear Santa,
                                             We're pretty sure that we did our best to be good girls all year long so we're expecting our gifts on our Christmas Tree. LOL

                                                                     Sitting by the fireplace

                                                 My apologies, selfie in the powder room.

         Enjoying the pillows and lights. Comfy mats, Ohh how I love to lie down and gaze at the stars.

                                                             The cave of red lights <3

                                    We don't know how to make our poses work while sitting LOL

                     My sister underneath the Christmas tree

                       The lights really entertained us that night. It plays a big role in making us feel
                                                 the yuletide ambiance in the hotel's garden area.


Thank you for taking your time to read my page and check the holiday dress for plus size girls that I made (DIY). Let's keep inspiring women of different shapes and sizes. Body positivity is all we need! Think Big Think Beautiful!

Loiselle Katrina :)

* Summer dress projects , body positivity posts and photo shoots of  jewelry designs soon :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

DIY Denim Irregular hem skater skirt

  This is the denim skater skirt I made a few months ago just becasue I am so bored with all the skirts that could be bought from the mall or even lazy to shop online. Out of boredom, it just took me more than an hour to finish this. Recently, I paired the skirt to my white fitted top and of course a pretty brown  corporate blazer and Zara peeptoe shoes.

Another option is....

                                                   The casual dressy girl attire where I just paired it with my grandma's floral top and flats. The skirt could be paired with any kind of styling that you'd like that's why it has been my favorite skirt since it's very easy to pair it with anything on my closet especially if I'm lazy to think of what to wear. It's just an idea and a work of art that I'd like to share.

Thank you !!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Unlimited Pizza Pasta Experience : Birthmonth celebration

                                             I'm neither a foodie nor a food blogger. I just wanted to share some of my favorite food which are pizza, pasta and salad.  That day, I was really excited about this experience since I am a gourmet fan. My sister who has a bigger appetite than me (although it's not really obvious and I might be accused of being a liar here LOL!) was my companion in this mouth watering escapade.

                                             The buffet or eat all you can is at Azalea Residences Baguio City. It's going to be my first time to check the place but as soon as we arrived I felt that my experience would turn out good. The waiters and waitresses are very welcoming and accommodating. When My sister and I entered Tradisyon, It gave me a feel good vibe and it looks like I'm comfortable with their semi-formal filipino inspired set up. We were escorted towards our seat.
                                            How I wish their chairs would have arm rests but anyway, It's just a very minor observation on the ensembles of our stay there. We were asked if we would like to check on the food but we opted to take a seat and just feel the ambiance. :) After a few minutes, chilled water was served on our table and that was the time that we decided to check on the buffet.

                                                   We reserved a table for two near the glass window. We can view the buffet area from our seat. As you can see, the chairs are very filipino inspired but without arm rests.

                                                 Starting off with the chef who can personalize your pasta. Choose whatever pasta and ingredients you like. As for me I requested for Meaty Bolognese and for the ingredients, I asked him to add a little of everything. :)

                                                Check out the pizzas available! The Sicilean, Chicago meat lovers, Margarita, Pinoy Longanissa and Hawaian.

                                                The salad bar includes vegetable salad, sausage, tomatoes and cheese, Parmesan bread and my favorite Penne salad. 

                                             More ready made pastas available. Cheesy baked macaroni and vegetable lasagna for those who likes to a eat healthy pasta dish.

                                              Another angle taken of the different pizzas. Yum!

                                       The table reserved good for two near the glass window.

                                                                                    1st     Take                
                                                                          My sister's 1st Take!


And finally, I reserved the tiramisu. I saved the best for last. I'm a certified sweet tooth girl. LOL

                                                Overall, I could give them7.5 - 8.5/10 score. The dining experience is good. I enjoyed the personalized pasta and the ready made ones. I can say that the taste is satisfactory and worth it so far. Maybe, I was just looking for more flavors like cheese overload on the baked macaroni and more spices or flavors to be savored on the vegetable lasagna. The pizza is good so far. It's a combination of the pan pizza of Pizza Hut and the signature pizza flavor of Shakey's. One thing I didn't like is that when you go back for the 2nd round for the pizza slices, It is already on room temperature. The dining experience would be better if they provide a way to keep the pizza in a warm or hot temperature for their customers to appreciate their food more. That night, I was really stuffed and could only afford to go back for the second time, unlike my sister. She was able to consume 3 plates (3 rounds)  and the last is the Tiramisu. I had 8 and she had 7.  It's a nice dining experience and I can recommend my friends to try the buffet. Anyway, It is very affordable.  


                                            It's already past 10 in the evening and we have so little time to enjoy our stay in Azalea so we might as well take photos. 

Stomach in!! Carbs overload! LOL
                                                  Their powder room in Azalea is very fragrant and clean. The interiors are very conducive for dolling up and retouching. Look at my sister making it as if it's her own and since it:)))'s only the two of us, let me take a powder room selfie. #sorry #thisdoesntalwayshappen

                                                       Taking a look at the nice place.

 Enjoying the evening breeze. Thank God it just stopped raining.

 Oh did I forget to mention that Taylor Swift is riding her Yellow horse? She seemed to enjoy the ride. And it's too late for you and your yellow horse to come around. LOL 

 Another great experience with my sister. It's time to go home now. Till the next fashion and food escapade :)